What she truly means

Mom: You should make an appointment to cut your hair.
Me: But shouldn’t I wait until Chinese New Year is over?
Mom: Don’t be stupi… I mean superstitious.
Me: … Freudian slip, mom?

Her excuse was that it was late and she was tired, hence the verbal slip up, but, well… :p

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So confused and upset. But am I confused and upset with myself? Or at the person who pointed out what may or may not be the truth? Or the person I recently thought I could trust but now am not so sure of anymore?

I’d always thought the problem lay with me. But now I’m not so sure. And you would think this would be a good thing, but realising that the problem may not be me opens up a whole new can of worms, of truths that lie half-hidden waiting to be unearthed but that I’m scared to touch for fear of what I may find.

Such a jumbled mess of emotions. I don’t know what I’m feeling or thinking. I don’t know what I should feel or think. I just don’t know.

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A restaurant by any other name

(On the phone)

Mom: What’s the name of that Japanese restaurant at Orchard Central we went to last time? Otto?

Me: You mean Ootoya?

Mom: Ah yes, Otto. Can you make a reservation and sms me the details?

Me: It’s called Ootoya, not Otto. Ok I’ll call them.

Me: (Sms to mom) Ootoya’s on the 8th floor.

Mom: (Sms back) We’re at Tonkichi, we’ve decided not to eat at Otto.

Me: … … …

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A child is always a child in her parents’ eyes

Dad: Have you placed the online order with Book Depository yet?
Me: Nope, not yet.
Dad: Ok, then you can use my credit card to pay for it.
Me: Nah it’s ok, I’ll use my own credit card first and you can pay me back later.
Dad: *eyes widening* You have your own credit card?
Me: …
Dad: *turning to my brother* Did you hear that? She has her own credit card!
Brother: *deadpan* She’s also old enough to drive.

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Libra to Virgo

Remember that hubbub awhile back about how the rotation of the earth has actually caused changes in the Zodiac? Apparently I’m supposed to be a Virgo now. And after reading the Virgo profile, I think it actually suits me better than the Libra one. D:

(Although I must say generally I’m not a strong believer in horoscopes. After awhile you realise that they’re written so generally that they can apply to practically anybody.)

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Love-Hate relationship

I found out recently that I could recontract my phone plan, and so I got the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro along with a data plan. Was toying with the idea of getting the actual X10 itself, but the fact that it’s touchscreen only (wasn’t sure I could get used to messaging without a keypad), and not to mention MUCH more expensive ($400+ whereas the mini pro was $88), I decided not to in the end, especially after my previous experience with paying $400+ for my previous W995 and discovering later that it was definitely not worth all the money. (Gadget lust, I HATE YOU. You make me lose all reason. >_<)

So whilst I'm still currently in the impassioned clutches of new phone obsession, especially with the discovery of just how awesome apps are, now that the the initial fervour has cooled down slightly (VERY slightly; I still constantly check my phone nowadays which is an amazing feat considering how I can usually ignore my phone for a whole day, as disgruntled friends can attest to), I've come to the sad realisation that my phone is an awesome SMARTphone, but not a very good smartPHONE - i.e. it's great for all the internet-y features, but functions pretty terribly as a phone. Le sigh. :(

What are my pet peeves? Let me show you them:

Alarm: No way to set the snooze intervals. Alarm won't continue to snooze if I don't press the snooze button. (All things my W995 let me do previously.)

SMS-ing: No option to switch from threading conversation mode to normal sms inbox-outbox-sent-drafts folder mode. Which is a pain in the BUTT when I want to delete draft smses, I have to scroll through the whole bunch of threads to find the draft I want to delete instead of having them stored in a convenient folder.

Contacts: When combining my friends' facebook profiles with their phone contacts, the facebook names are set as the default, with no way for me to change it. Very annoying for cases where my friends have a different facebook nickname than the name I use for their phone contact - the only way around it is to keep the facebook profile and phone contact separate.

Music Player: Interface is alot less intuitive than the Walkman one in my previous Sony Ericsson phones. Adds ALL the music I have on my SD card to the library, even if I don't actually want them there. (Eg. If I have a separate folder in my SD card for audio files for an app such as my Tang poetry reciter, it shows up in my music list.) Ditto for the photo album.

Flashlight: No default flashlight! D: D: D: (Friends would know that one of the lame reasons why I have stuck with Sony Ericsson up till now is that all my previous phones had flashlights.) Thankfully this can be overcome with an app that turns on the LED light (no SOS feature though. :( ), but it's just sad that this is no longer a default feature in the phone.

Dialing: The default dialpad doesn't have smart dial, I need to use a separate widget for that.

Battery life: SUPER PET PEEVE!!!!! Battery doesn't even last a DAY even though I've tried to minimise background data usage and by killing off the various apps when not in use. I mean I did know I had to mentally prepare myself for a phone that wouldn't last beyond a day since I've heard that's the case for iPhones, but seriously, not even a day!? And I think it’s just because the battery has pretty low capacity – it charges really fast so I’m guessing it can’t hold much charge before running out.

And probably alot more beefs that I can’t remember right now. But just, ARGH. It feels like Sony Ericsson has forgotten that they’re supposed to be making PHONES that double up as internet devices, as opposed to portable internet devices that you can make calls from. *sigh*

That said, I really AM loving the fact that I can download apps to do all sorts of crappy things with my phone. So glad I decided to go with an Android phone in the end. (Was previously considering getting the Vivaz [Uses Symbian] and the Aino [Sony Ericsson's own proprietary OS].) Will gush about some of my favourite apps in the next post. :)

Plus, my phone is red! (I previously wanted my W995 to be red but it was a Singtel exclusive at the time so I ended up getting a black one.) And pretty! :D

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Uh huh

At dinner today:

Incident #1:

Family: *talking about how my sis used to eat mostly vegetarian food when she was staying with Indian housemates in Stanford*
Dad: I’m vegetarian. Today at lunch I ate cauliflower, cabbage, bok choi…
Me: So he says while he picks through the dish of chicken with his fork.

Incident #2:

Dad: *opens fridge*
Me: Dad, you really shouldn’t be snacking right after dinner.
Dad: I’m not snacking! I’m just looking to see what’s in the fridge.
Me: … If you look in the fridge doesn’t that mean you’re planning to snack on something in there?
Dad: No it doesn’t! I’m just seeing if there’s anything interesting inside.

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*sigh* Feeling incredibly grouchy because of another incident which involves what I said said I wouldn’t bitch about anymore on this blog (so I won’t), and although I came across one of the cutest widgets ever and wanted to try embedding it into my blog to soothe my ruffled feathers, I’m having so much trouble with it that the plan is backfiring me and making me feel even more grouchy. -_-

If anyone is interested in what the widget I’m trying to embed into my blog is, it’s this one: http://abowman.com/google-modules/penguins/#gadgetSWF

Isn’t that like the most adorable thing ever!? They follow your mouse! And they WADDLE! *melts*

Now if I can only figure out how to make this work… *sigh*

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New Header

Added a new header, picture courtesy of Dee Mok. :D

Fellow Notts people (Nottinghamiams? LOL), I’m sure you recognise the place in the picture!

And ok, I shall be a good girl now and go work on my assignment. *runs off*

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New blog!

I FINALLY decided to do what I’ve been putting off for ages – move my blog to WordPress! Hurrah! *tosses confetti into the air*

My old blog was really bugging me for the longest time, since I kept getting millions of spam comments, and since I was too lazy to go through all of them to delete them (Greymatter doesn’t really allow selective mass deletions, which is a pain), the problem was really getting out of hand. So I kept wanting to create a new WordPress blog to replace my Greymatter one, especially since I heard WordPress is alot more powerful and easier to use than Greymatter. (I actually set up a previous fangirl blog using WordPress before but it never got beyond the first entry. *sheepish* Anyway I prefer using LJ for fangirling, LJ’s community system is more conducive for fangirling. :D )

So anyway after many months of procrastination, I’ve finally done it! Why did it take so long, you ask? Because I kept wanting to make a new layout before setting up the new blog. But eventually I realised it was futile since (of course) I’ve been too lazy to make a new layout.

The impetus for finally getting around to doing this is because I was looking at my old blog and it totally embarrassed me that I hadn’t updated it in a year, and that out of all the entries posted on the first page, 90% of them were bitchy complaints about my parents. LOL.

So! I decided I shall learn to be a more positive person and not bitch so much on my new blog. It’s always more fun to read happy entries than angry depressed ones anyway. I can’t guarantee that the occassional moan and groan won’t slip in, but I shall try my best!

Look forward to new walls of text, coming to this blog near you! :p

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